Soft Borders One 

Power Dressing, 2019 - Murmurs, Los Angeles

Soft Borders One explores modes of power through the gaze, fetishization and double representation. Using the reflection of mirrors and live feed projection of the audience, we challenge the spectators to be confronted with their collective shared gaze and to demonstrate the power in looking relations. Does this gaze that is now being projected back onto the voyeur objectify themselves? Does it enter to interrogate white supremacy? Marginalized bodies often seek and continue to seek our mirror stage because we have yet to see a representation of ourselves in mainstream media. This stage continues to become a real-life drama, a performance that represents a permanent structure of subjectivity/objectivity, spectator/spectacle, visible/invisible and ego.

Performers: Synmia Rosine, Nathaniel Santos, Kelly Guan, Marcella Calderón

Make-up: Paige Marton

Hair: Chanel Croker

Thank you: Indah Datau, Blue Soo Hoo, Michael Demaio

Photos: Jiro Maestu