Third Presents: TRIO

Third Presents: TRIO at ICA LA

TRIO is the inaugural event of Third Presents, a series of live events at various partner sites. 

TRIO showcases three modalities of performance in music, art, and dance that reflect the diversity of POC and queer voices championed by Third—a magazine and public programming initiative that fosters conversations and collaborations among experimental artists.

Organized by Allison Littrell and Gabrielle Datau


Costumes: Gabrielle Datau of Poche

Cover Image Photo: Bennet Perez

Slide 1: Sasha Rivero Photos: Dicko Chan

Slide 2: MANGO SEED choreographed by Samantha Blake Goodman featuring Sasha Rivero & Autumn Randolf with harp by Jaclyn Urlik Photos: Lani Trock

Slide 3: Autumn Randolf Photos: Bennet Perez & Dicko Chan

Slide 4: Sebastian Hernandez Photos: Bennet Perez

Slide 5: AKUA Photos: Dicko Chan